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"...thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory..." 1 Cor 15:57

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Do you want to #FinishStrong in #2k16? Make plans to join us on Friday, Dec. 30th, 7:30pm as we close out #2k16 &… https://t.co/kOyXp1UIzq

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Tonight we are #praying for Pastor Jazz as she prepares to #preach in New York. @iamdrjazz https://t.co/4GXuMnT3p8

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We invite you to join us this Sunday at 10am for #Worship & #Word. We'll be honoring our Servant Leaders & Team Mem… https://t.co/SlODxw0aUa

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RT @iamdrjazz: Don't forget what kind of day it is! It's a victory day! 2k17 will be a year of victory in your… https://t.co/eiBKQjlUqq

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We believe that God is going to move us from #Vision2Victory! Consider making an end-of-year, tax-deductible donati… https://t.co/7qlgxB1Ngy

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You don't have to like them, but loving your neighbor as yourself involves respect for the God that is in them.… https://t.co/TbAHoBtvyp

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#17 is the number for #Victory. We want you to walk in Total Victory in 2017! @iamdrjazz #Advent #GreaterIsCominghttps://t.co/v2D05GYQFY

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God loves me when I'm good or bad, when I'm happy or sad, when I'm sane or crazy. #Nothing can separate me from the… https://t.co/ezDa3mX8QQ

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